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The Milaca Youth Basketball Association would like to provide information regarding the upcoming vote for our facilities. As you know, our students spend a lot of time in the gym from October to March participating in in-house and travel programs. Finding gym space can be challenging for coaches and Community Education staff. As a result, many of our teams/students are forced to practice until 9:00 at night or may not find practice opportunities week to week. As a youth basketball program, we would support additional facilities for our students that would come with passing the upcoming referendum. If you have questions regarding how this would impact our youth athletes, please feel free to contact any of our board members by using the "Contact Us" button.

There is good information available for review on the school website at http://www.milaca.k12.mn.us/page/3469 .

Early voting is open NOW! You can visit Milaca Public Schools District Office Monday-Thursday from 7am to 5 pm to vote.

Please feel free to contact any Board Member with your questions or concerns.

Jeff Meyer

Corey Greninger

Corey Anderson

Katie Zens

Susan Mach

Missy Christensen

Jill Hardy

Susan Sorenson

Nikki Berg